Exceptional Choices

Pathways’ Exceptional Choices services are available for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, age three and above. The aim of this program is to assure that individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families are able to exercise choice and control in the services and support that are needed.

We build upon the natural supports already in place for the individual by forming a partnership with the individuals and their families. By working together, the desired outcomes of all may be achieved.

Pathways believes that through these services we can enable the individuals to be as independent as possible through their own self-determination. True self-determination enables the individual to have the freedom to determine the course of his/her own life and to take responsibility for those life decisions. We carry this ideal throughout all of the services we offer including Residential Habilitation, Respite, Personal Support, Homemaker, and Chore services.

  • Residential Habilitation Services

    Residential Habilitation services are provided within the individual’s home and community. The services are designed to provide support with acquisition, improvement, and retention in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills.

  • Respite Services

    Respite services are provided on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of primary caregivers. Respite can be provided in an individual’s home, home of a friend or family member, foster home, or domiciliary care home.

  • Personal Support Services

    Personal Support Services provide assistance that is needed for the individual to plan, organize, and manage community resources.

  • Homemaker Services

    Homemaker services consist of general household activities such as light cleaning, meal preparation, and routine household care provided when the responsible individual is temporarily absent or unable to manage the home or care for him/herself or others.

  • Chore Services

    Chore services are services needed to maintain the home in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition when these services cannot otherwise be provided. These services include lawn care, heavy household duties, moving heavy items, washing floors, windows, and walls.