Older Adult Daily Living Center

  • Volunteer opportunities
    with Meal-on-Wheels
  • Trips to Washington Area
    Senior Citizens Center
  • Licensed by the PA
    Department of Aging

The Older Adult Daily Living Program provides day services to adults with intellectual disabilities age 60 and over. This program, licensed by the Department of Aging, focuses on enabling seniors to fully participate in, enjoy, and enhance their retirement. The seniors have a space including areas for activities, relaxation, and cooking, within the Pathways Adult Training Facility (ATF) Washington. The ATF’s training areas and wheel-chair accessible vans are also used.

The seniors focus on:

  • Maintaining daily living skills
  • Physical exercise
  • Health monitoring
  • Community awareness
  • Cooking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Other recreational/leisure time activities including computer skills
Older Adult Daily Living Center