Adult Training Facility

  • Pathways ATF offers Extended School Year
    and Transition programs for school age students
  • Pathways ATF is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Office of Developmental Programs
  • Pathways ATF offers hands-on pre-vocational training within the community
  • Pathways ATF offers a wide array
    of volunteer opportunities
  • Pathways ATF offers ability to transition to a Senior’s over age 60 program

The Adult Training Facility started in 1993, with the focus on a standard set of engrained components with a goal of independence. The program emphasizes individualized teaching and training with the objective to enable adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to live as independently as possible.

The program provides the following services for individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities that are 18 yeas of age and older:

  • Vocational/pre-vocational skills
  • Educational experiences
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Social development
  • Computer skills
  • Community awareness
  • Physical exercise

Extended School Year and Transition Programs are also available for individuals 14 through 21 years of age currently attending school.

In addition to the traditional training program, the individuals train in a community settings on actual skills which in turn will expose the community to the abilities and talents of individuals with disabilities. The program uses a holistic approach to employability through community inclusion as well as achieving generalized skills such as social, physical, emotional and life skills. The individuals have the opportunity to participate in separate community and vocational/volunteer training programs, which provide hands-on vocational and social skills training with a community setting.

Pathways has Adult Training Facility locations in Washington and Waynesburg.

Learn about our new program, Work of Heart which focuses on job skill development.

  • Adult Training Facility - Missy & Zac
  • Adult Training Facility - Amanda
  • Adult Training Facility - Ellen K & Ellen M
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