A Little Girl with a BIG Smile

Greeting you with a big smile and a loving heart is Tressa. Born with Pierre Robin Sequence, a genetic disorder causing difficulty breathing and eating, Tressa spent the first part of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She received a trach to help her breathe and a G-tube inserted in her abdomen to help her eat and receive vital nutrients.

Tressa began attending Your Child’s Place, a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center, at the age of 3 months. At YCP she receives necessary medical treatment provided by pediatric registered nurses and trained therapists as well as interacting and learning with her friends. In April of 2012, Tressa’s trach was removed, she is now 5 years old, able to speak, eat, and attend preschool. Tressa is continuing to grow into a bright, little girl with a bright future ahead of her!

“Your Child’s Place has been a Godsend! Thanks to the competent, capable care provided by the loving staff, my husband and I have been able to continue to meet the needs of the rest of our family knowing she is well taken care of”. –Danielle, Tressa’s Mom